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Abstract Architecture


Ballestas Group is based in the city of Miami and was founded in 1992 under the institution of Merrill Lynch. In 2014, the group became independent, joining the Bolton Global Capital structure. The group enjoys the trust of a number of families scattered throughout South America, North America and Europe, with a majority of them clustered in Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges, objectives, preferences, styles and strategies that distinguish investment families. As a truly global institution, we have a keen understanding of financial opportunities and their potential risks. This combination better positions us to develop, structure and execute strategies for your most important financial needs.

At Ballestas Group, we provide access to the strategic and tactical opinions of some of the world's most respected investment professionals. This information and analysis is directly available to our clients, who can take advantage of these resources to strengthen the achievement of their financial goals. We can also take advantage of other financial institutions, such as J.P. Morgan, UBS and Safra, when clients demand it.

Financial Advisors

Our team is highly credentialed with expertise in: lending, wealth transfer, family dynamics, philanthropy, asset preservation, and risk management. Our financial advisors will help ensure that your personal and family values are at the center of your wealth management strategy.

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