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Investment Process

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Our investment process and philosophy is aimed at meeting the goals of our clients. Therefore, we always consider the preservation of capital as the fundamental pillar when making investments. The portfolio is divided into three parts, each with a special selection of assets that meets a particular predetermined objective. Together, the three divisions create a moderate portfolio that gives us risk and return that fit our parameters.

  • Short-term capital protection

  • No particular bias for benchmark indices (S&P 500, MSCI World Index)

  • Flexible approach with orientation to the philosophy of "value"

  • Ability to invest across all asset classes, regions, sectors and company sizes

Asset Distribution


Everyone has different financial goals that go beyond investing and expecting positive results. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to have a strategy that provides an attractive risk-return profile that fits the needs of each one.

We have designed 4 model portfolios, which allow us to provide different options that fit your risk and return objectives. After a preliminary analysis of particular profiles, we select the model that best fits.

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