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FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Files for Bankruptcy

Three days from the end of the midterm elections, it is still not clear who will be in control of Congress. In the lower house, the projections point to a victory for the Republicans, who have already secured 211 of the 218 required to have a majority, In the Senate, the outlook is more uncertain, with a partial Republican victory by two seats, pending the results of Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. Inflation seems to have given a respite to the US economy. The CPI reading was 7.7% year on year, a considerable decrease compared to 8.2% in September. These signs of reduction were welcomed by the markets, with the S&P rallying over 5% and the Nasdaq over 7% a trend that continued on Friday. Donald Trump has set November 15 as the date for a "big announcement" at his home in Mar a Lago. This is expected to be the announcement of his presidential candidacy. The University of Michigan consumer confidence has fallen from 56.2 to 52.7 when a slighter drop (56.0) was expected.

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