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Strong Job Growth and Low Unemployment Rates: Fed May Need Further Action

The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rates by 25bps on Wednesday, bringing the range to 4.50% to 4.75%. Despite initial market downturn following the announcement, the major U.S. indexes rebounded after Jerome Powell's press conference. The S&P closed the day up 1% and the Nasdaq gained 2%. During the conference, Powell acknowledged the beginnings of disinflation and the fact that the full effects of the rate hikes have yet to be felt. He emphasized that the Fed's work is not yet done. Powell also mentioned improvements in goods inflation due to restored supply chains, but a lack of progress in the core services sector excluding housing.

In regard to the labor market the Labor Department’s released their JOLTS report confirming that the U.S. labor remained extremely resilient despite higher borrowing costs. Job openings increased by 572,000 to a five-month high of 11,0 million meaning that there are now 1.9 job openings for every unemployed person in December.

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